How does it work? - FAQs

Our Try Before You Buy programme is your opportunity to try IQOS in the comfort of your own home for 14 days with no obligation to buy at the end. Pay £10 to start your trial. When your trial is over, you decide; buy and keep IQOS or return it at no charge. It’s that simple.
  • - You can access the sign-up page from here .
  • - Choose your device colour.
  • - Choose 2 packs of HEETS.
  • - Enter your personal information (you can also enter a referral code here if you have one. This will entitle you to £10 off the final device price if you decide to keep IQOS at the end of your trial).
  • - We will verify your age based on the information you provide. In order to do this, we will need your home address and date of birth.
  • - Enter your payment details (you will be charged an up-front cost of £10, which is non-refundable).
  • - Receive your device within 1-2 working days at your chosen shipping address. Orders placed before 8:00pm will be shipped for next day delivery.
  • - Once your 14 days are up, you decide; buy and keep your device, extend your trial or return it at no charge.
You can sign up for our Try Before You Buy 14 day trial in the following places:
IQOS stores
VPZ stores
Selected general trade stores across the UK
Selected Vape stores across the UK
One brand new IQOS device (IQOS 3 DUO) & 2 packs of HEETS tobacco sticks. Each pack of HEETS contains 20 tobacco sticks.

When placing your order you can choose 2 packs of HEETS from our full selection to make up your bundle. To help you decide, you can look at our descriptions here.

If you want to keep your device that’s great news! We will automatically take the payment for the cost of the device chosen (£29 for IQOS 3 DUO) from your account. You will receive a notification with the date in which the payment will be taken but it is typically 25 days from the date of your order. You will also receive email confirmation on the day the payment is taken.
On day 12 (two days before the end of your trial) we will email you and ask you choose from the following options:

If you would like to keep IQOS that’s great! You don’t need to do anything. We will automatically take the payment for the cost of the device chosen (£29 for IQOS 3 DUO) from your account on the 25th day after your trial order was placed. Don’t worry, we will notify you by email two days prior to taking the payment and on the day we take the payment so there are no surprises.

Need more time? Not a problem. Simply let us know via call or live chat and we’ll happily extend your trial by seven days. Please be aware, trials cannot be extended if you do not inform us of your desire to extend your trial before the 25th day after your trial order was placed.

If IQOS is not right for you, that’s absolutely fine. Simply inform us of your decision to return IQOS so we can suspend the automatic final payment and provide you with your returns label. Use your returns label to post your trial kit [including all parts i.e IQOS Pocket Charger, IQOS Holder, AC Power Adaptor, USB Cable & Cleaning Tool] back to us excluding any HEETS. Please ensure we receive your device within 38 days from the date your order was placed. For more details around the return process, please see “Trial returns & Refunds” FAQ.

How to inform us
No, unfortunately not. We can only replace your IQOS device if it is faulty. If you’re interested in changing the appearance of your IQOS, we offer a wide range of accessories to help you customise your IQOS so it is unique to you. Check out our range of accessories here.
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