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How to charge your IQOS MESH

When your IQOS MESH battery reaches 25% the LED will start flashing white. When the LED turns red you will need to charge your device.

Charging your IQOS MESH is easy, just plug it into the AC adaptor provided within the IQOS MESH Vape Kit. Charging is indicated by a blinking white LED. When the charge is complete, the light remains lit for a few seconds, then the IQOS MESH will go into standby mode.

It will take 90 minutes to fully re-charge the device. A fully charged battery will last a full day based on an average consumption of 1 capsule per day.

To check the status of your battery hold down the button for 1 second. The LED will indicate the level of the battery.

You can also do a rapid charge to 40% in 30 minutes.

When the device is fully charged, simply turn on your IQOS MESH by pressing the button for 1 second.

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