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IQOS 3 Cap OV8

Easy-on, easy-off. Take only a moment to personalise your device with a range of IQOS 3 coloured caps. Use collectively with our other IQOS accessories to create more than 150 colour combinations, and define a look that is more unique to you.

This item is compatible with IQOS 3 and IQOS 3 DUO.
Lucid Teal
Customise your IQOS 3 with our range of 13 colourful caps options.

The IQOS Cap is available in a variety of colours and is the same size and weight as the one received with your original purchase, meaning you can simply remove and replace your IQOS 3 Cap with a more colourful option.

Clean your cap with IQOS Cleaning Sticks to remove tobacco residue.

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