I've been referred - FAQs

You enter the referral code during the checkout process in the “discount code” field. Ensure that you write down the code, or copy it from the website, as the discount code does not automatically populate.
Your referral code will have been shared in the email/SMS/message you received from your friend who recommended you to IQOS.
Your referral code can be redeemed in a number of ways, you can trial the IQOS product for just £10 upfront for 14 days should you follow the “Try” programme on IQOS.com. You can also purchase the device outright on IQOS.com, in official IQOS stores and at selected IQOS reseller around the UK. Click here to find your nearest store.
By using the referral code shared by your friend, you will receive 20% off whichever starter kit you choose. If you trial IQOS for 14 days, the deduction will be processed at the end of the trial when your payment is taken (should you wish to keep your device). If you are purchasing your IQOS device from a store, directly from IQOS.com or at selected IQOS reseller you will receive the 20% deduction at checkout.
You cannot use your 20% discount on any item besides the IQOS Starter kit you have selected to purchase or trial. The referral code will not trigger a deduction on any other item.
No, there is no expiry date of the referral code that has been shared with you. If you are unsure about IQOS, you can proceed with the 14-day trial for just £10 upfront, if IQOS doesn’t work for you, you can simply return your device without being charged. Alternatively, you can pop into a store to trial the device with one of our IQOS experts.
No, you simply enter the referral code at the beginning of the trial and we will apply the deduction at the end of the trial should you wish to keep your device.
Once you’ve become a registered IQOS user and purchased your first IQOS device, you will receive an email from IQOS with your referral code details.
If your friend* signs up to a 14 days trial or purchases any IQOS starter kit online at iqos.com, in one of our IQOS stores, selected IQOS reseller or through an IQOS representative, you will receive £20 to use on IQOS.com, within 14 days. You can redeem your £20 credit on any items above £20 on IQOS.com.

*Your friend has to be an adult smoker who would otherwise continue to smoke or use other nicotine products.

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