HEETS Tobacco Sticks - FAQs

IQOS and HEETS were designed to provide you with tobacco satisfaction and duration similar to the one you get from cigarettes. Each HEETS stick can last up to 6 minutes or 14 puffs, a duration similar to that of a cigarette. And the way you puff impacts how long HEETS last. Longer and gentler puffs would extend the duration from your HEETS.
The HEETS tobacco sticks are designed specifically for IQOS and its length is optimal to be used by the IQOS Holder. The average experience duration is about the same as smoking a conventional cigarette. You must not put other types of tobacco in the IQOS Holder.
HEETS tobacco sticks taste different to cigarettes because the tobacco is heated rather than burned. By heating tobacco the true taste of tobacco is released. Tobacco sticks are made from a specially selected blend of tobacco in order to provide tobacco taste and satisfaction that replicates as much as possible what adult smokers expect.
Yes, HEETS tobacco sticks contain nicotine, which is addictive.
Nicotine is naturally present in the tobacco used in HEETS. It is released in the vapor that is generated during the IQOS usage.
If you experience difficulty inserting a HEETS tobacco stick, check if there is tobacco stuck in the Holder from a previous HEETS tobacco stick. Remove the cap and gently tap it on a flat surface to remove any tobacco.
We are sorry that you have a problem with your HEETS. By regularly cleaning your holder and charging your device you may be able to solve the problem. If neither of these work, please contact us.
If you’ve been wondering about smoking HEETS without IQOS, the short answer is no, you can’t smoke HEETS like normal cigarettes. HEETS are specially designed tobacco sticks intended for exclusive use with IQOS HeatControl technology. Smoking HEETS without IQOS is not advised, as the tobacco sticks have been developed to be heated using the specially developed heating blade inside the Holder.
People often wonder, can you burn HEETS? While they might look like cigarettes and mimic the ritual of smoking, HEETS are not supposed to be burned. If you do try to smoke HEETS, they will not achieve the same effect as a cigarette. This is because the tobacco in HEETS is specially prepared and compressed, so just the right amount touches the heating blade inside the IQOS holder. HEETS tobacco also contains ingredients that help bind it together, and ingredients like glycol to produce the vapour when heated. These ingredients aren’t intended to be burned. The filter in HEETS is also more advanced than in cigarettes. When heated, the vapour released passes through a cooling plug made of corn-based materials which cool the vapour down, ensuring the temperature is just right before you inhale it.

Placing a regular cigarette in an IQOS device is not recommended and will not achieve the same satisfying real tobacco flavour as HEETS. This is because cigarettes haven't been designed for the same purpose. The tobacco in regular cigarettes is not compressed, and the filter lacks the advanced components developed especially for HEETS, such as the:

  • Cooling plug 
  • Air-flow chamber 
  • Protective wrapping  

⚠ Attempting to use conventional cigarettes in your IQOS device may damage the heating blade.

There are seven unique and distinctive flavours of HEETS available for exclusive use in IQOS. Find out more about them here.

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