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Our heated tobacco products combine an electronic device, IQOS, with specially designed tobacco sticks called HEETS.

The device heats the tobacco sticks, to deliver a real tobacco taste and cigarette-like satisfaction.*

This produces tar. / This doesnt.

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HEETS are exclusively used with IQOS.
Each pack of HEETS contains 20 tobacco sticks at £5 per pack.
One HEETS stick offers a duration similar to the one from cigarettes.

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Cigarettes produce tar, IQOS doesn’t.

"Tar" is the residue from smoke after a cigarette has burned. IQOS does not produce tar because it heats tobacco instead of burning it. It generates an aerosol residue that is fundamentally different from "Tar" and consists of significantly lower levels of harmful chemicals.* Switching completely to IQOS is less harmful than continuing to smoke.**

Important Information: Although IQOS does not produce tar, IQOS is not risk-free, and delivers nicotine which is addictive.

This produces tar. / This doesnt.

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