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Offering 2 exclusive services in Bristol

Unable to find HEETS in your part of town? We'll deliver to your door at no charge within two hours if you are within six miles of an IQOS store in Bristol.

Damaged your IQOS or IQOS heating blade broken? No problem. Our rapid replacement service will get to you within two hours, check the problem and replace your device if needed.

For both exclusive services, you can reach out to us via our Customer Care team on 0800 432 0000, Monday to Friday, 12am to 7pm.

Terms and conditions apply.


Start Your Week Fresh with IQOS Cleaning Mondays

Come and join us in one of our IQOS stores for refreshments whilst we give your IQOS device a deep clean. There’s enough refreshments to go around so why not bring a smoker friend and introduce them to IQOS.

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