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Blog / You should clean your IQOS because…
Cleaning your IQOS device

You should clean your IQOS because…

It’s a no-brainer: Things in life need cleaning because the longer you let dirt build up, the harder it is to get rid of. We don’t just mean floors, coats, cars etc., but all those everyday items that heat up and are less than pleasant when burnt.

Just think about how bad your toaster smells when it’s full of burnt crumbs? Or how bitter your coffee tastes because your espresso machine is dirty? Or how dreadful those marks on your white shirt look because your iron is gunked up.

It’s the same with your IQOS device and you really do need to clean it regularly because…

  1. Even though the tobacco in HEETS doesn’t burn, the heat releases particles of tobacco and nicotine and dirt accumulate.
  2. By keeping your IQOS clean, you can keep enjoying the best possible flavour experience.
  3. A little TLC and regular maintenance go a long way in making sure your device ticks over like new.

The good news is that you don’t need to clean your IQOS after every time, but… You do need to do it properly, so we’ve pulled together some FAQs to help.

How To Clean an IQOS?

Wondering how to clean your IQOS? The steps are very simple and exactly the same when it comes to cleaning IQOS 2.4 Plus, IQOS Multi and IQOS 3.

Always remember to leave the IQOS holder to cool first, then remove the cap and tap the holder to clear out any loose tobacco.

Twist It

Take the lid off the IQOS cleaning tool. The cleaning capsule has two parts: with the longer brush for cleaning the heater and the shorter brush for the cap. Insert the long brush into your IQOS holder and rotate clockwise a few times.

Wipe It

Can you still see some residue? Gently wipe around the blade with the IQOS cleaning stick to make sure your device is crystal-clear.

(Don’t be tempted to use a toothpick or cotton buds as they may fray and cause damage. The heating blade is delicate and could be easily damaged unless following the cleaning instructions correctly).

Sometimes you may find parts of tobacco from HEETS gets stuck in the cap. Just pull out the cleaning hook from your IQOS cleaning tool to remove it.

Enjoy It!

All done – now you can get back to enjoying your IQOS/getting the crumbs out of the toaster.

When Should I Clean My IQOS?

We recommend that you clean your IQOS device after every pack of HEETS to enjoy the tobacco-like flavour as it should be. If you let the sediment settle - especially at the bottom of the blade, you may find the taste is different, or your HEETS are too hot or the charging time has changed.

How Do I Know If I’ve Cleaned My IQOS Properly?

You’ve done a great job with your IQOS cleaning if the bottom of the heating area looks grey or white without any sign of particles or a dark coating.

Where Can I Buy An IQOS Cleaning Kit?

An IQOS Cleaning Tool and IQOS Cleaning Sticks are included in every IQOS Starter Kit. Some people like to keep a spare cleaning tool at work - you can buy one online for just £4.00.

Where Can I Buy More IQOS Cleaning Sticks?

Each pack contains 30 individually wrapped, single-use cleaning sticks which are specially designed and readily-moistened to clean your IQOS in the most effective way possible. You can buy them online, in IQOS stores and in many newsagents and supermarkets.

Getting into a regular IQOS cleaning routine is easy but you’re also welcome to sit back and let us do it for you. Just take advantage of our free IQOS cleaning service any time you’re passing an IQOS store!

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