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Blog / What are VEEV capsules?
VEEV Capsule

What are VEEV capsules?

VEEV capsules are an integral part of the IQOS MESH precision vaping system. The innovative pre-filled, pre-sealed VEEV flavour capsules contain an e-liquid cartridge, a mouthpiece and a mesh heater. With no special maintenance or cleaning needed, IQOS MESH delivers a hassle-free and hygienic vaping experience.

VEEV flavour capsules contain high quality liquids made in the EU composed of pharmaceutical-grade nicotine for purity. VEEV capsules are available in a range of 7 signature flavours:

Classic flavours Fruity and spicy flavours Each flavour is available in three nicotine strengths: 18 mg, 11 mg and 6 mg of nicotine per ml.

Changing your flavour capsule is easy - you don’t even have to turn off the device before removing the capsule. Just hold the VEEV flavour cap, and without twisting, pull it away from the device. Gently push your new capsule into place and you're done!

You don’t have to wait until the previous capsule is empty before changing it either; you can swap in and out of VEEV flavours whenever you want. There’s also no aftertaste from one capsule to another.

Each pack of VEEVs contains two capsules, with each capsule containing 2 ml of e-liquid. Depending on individual usage, one capsule can last the average user an entire day.

Learn more about VEEV capsules and find your new favourite flavour here.

Alternativey, check out our guide on getting started with IQOS MESH.
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