What is a Vape Mod?

By Eina Panayotova

two vapes

Vape Mod

Vape devices come in a range of models. Most often, these are pod-based models like vape pens, but for users who prefer to customise and modify their devices, a vape mod may be better suited. The term ‘mod’ comes from the word ‘modify’, as these devices are different to the original iteration of vaporisers. While it’s perfectly possible to buy a vape mod kit or separate parts to customise a device, a vape mod is common terminology for ready-to-use ‘off-the-shelf' bought devices.

What Are Mods and Vape Mod Types?

A vape mod can come in several different models and run on a variety of mod system options. The most common of these are:

Box Mods

Larger than vape pens, this bulkier, box-like vape mod is often the go-to option for anyone looking to move away from basic vape pens. Box mods usually allow the user to control their vape's performance, such as adjusting the wattage to increase overall power and vapour-production.

Mech Mods

Also known as mechanical mods. This type of mod system is also not a first-choice for people who have recently switched from smoking to vaping, as it requires a solid knowledge of vape technology and Ohm’s law. Mech mods don’t have a circuit board. Instead, the user needs to manually push the battery when they want to vape.battery,

Mech mods are no longer as relevant to the vaping market as they used to be. Originally, they were used as an alternative to the low-powered cigalikes that were the most common form of vape available in the early 2010’s. To a certain extent, mech mods were developed as a response to inadequate vape battery life, made by users with vape mod kits. Because these devices run directly off the battery, they can be difficult to use and risk electrical malfunctions.

Slimline Mods

Slimline mods are small vape mods that look similar to box mods, but more compact. They might also be called ‘stealth box mods’, ‘small vape mods’, or ‘mini vape mods’. The mod system used by these vapes is no different to a basic box mod, with the exception of the battery, which will usually be an integrated lithium-ion battery, which is smaller than a regular external battery.

Why Do People Choose Vape Mods?

There are several reasons people may choose a vape mod, but the main reason is to gain control and customisation. A standard vape pen, while simple to set up, fill, and use, may not allow for as much control in terms of temperature, wattage, and power changes.

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