Choosing The Right Vape Battery For Your Device

By James Powley

Vape devices come in a range of different models, and each model requires different components and maintenance to function properly. With options like box mods, sub-ohm vapes, and vape pens, it’s important to understand how your vape works to maintain it correctly. While caring for the atomizer and coil can seem like the priority, the battery is a crucial part of your device. But are all vape batteries the same? In short, no. Even within one battery type, there can be further variations. Read on to learn all about vape batteries.

Are All Vape Batteries The Same?

Vape batteries are not all the same, so never assume which sort of battery you need without first consulting your manufacturer’s guide. Unsuitable battery/device combinations run the risk of malfunction, or worse – could lead to battery explosions and fires.

Generally, vape batteries fall into two categories:

Integrated/Internal Vape Batteries

Integrated batteries are built into a vape and cannot be removed. To charge them, the whole device is connected to a charger, usually using a micro-USB port. Integrated batteries use rechargeable lithium-ion technology – it is advised that you don’t overcharge these batteries as this can lead to faster battery degradation which reduces the overall lifespan of the battery. Generally, pod mods and similar devices will use internal batteries as they are simpler devices than box mods, which have multiple operating mods and other customisable features.

Integrated batteries are a convenient option which doesn’t require you to keep spares on hand, and so long as you are near a power socket, it’s as simple as plugging your vape in and waiting for it to charge. The downside is that these batteries have a finite number of recharges after which they will stop functioning properly – once this happens, the entire device will need to be replaced.

Some vapes with internal batteries are disposable, so you don’t have to worry about charging them at all. This is the case for early disposable vapes and cig-a-likes that can be discarded after a set number of uses.

Removable Batteries

A removable/external battery looks very similar to a traditional battery, except their technology is a little different. External vape batteries can be removed from the device and either replaced with new batteries or placed in a separate charging dock. Users can also rotate between sets of removable batteries to eliminate the wait between charges. Removable/external batteries are sometimes found within vape pens but are more commonly found within advanced builds like box mods.

Removable batteries commonly use either IMR technology – rechargeable lithium-ion manganese batteries – or lithium cobalt. External batteries are found in two mod types: mechanical and regulated. Mechanical mods, otherwise referred to as mech mods, do not contain a circuit board to regulate the temperature or power and thus risk damage and overheating which could lead to explosions and fires. These devices are not recommended for beginners and should only be used by vapers with an advanced knowledge of vaping technology and ohm’s law. Regulated mods, on the other hand, contain an internal circuit board and other safety measures to regulate the flow of electricity and prevent overheating.

As a rule, you should only use batteries that are recommended by your device manufacturer.

Are All Vape Batteries The Same Size?

Vape batteries come in different sizes. For internal batteries, this can vary widely from device to device. Users of external batteries will need to be informed about size conventions to find the correct battery for their device and to ensure the voltage of the charger matches the voltage of the battery.

The most common sizes of external batteries are:

18650 Batteries

Here, the first two digits refer to the diameter of the battery (18mm), and the third and fourth digits refer to the height of the battery (65mm), and the last digit (0) refers to the shape of the battery (cylindrical). 18650’s are one of the most common battery types found in vapes.

26650 Batteries

Less common, the 26650 is, as the name suggests, larger in dimension and used within larger vaping devices.

Aside from dimension, you should also look at sizing in terms of capacity. Batteries will be labelled by milliamp hours, ‘mAh’, which roughly indicates how long a battery lasts between charges. The general rule for these labels is that the higher the mAh, the longer it can go between charges.

Vapes come in a variety of battery capacities. For internal batteries, this can be anything between 500-3000+ mAh while external batteries, often used for more advanced vapes, can range from 2000-3000+mAh. The mAh should be clearly stated on the battery packaging, product page, or on the battery itself. Consult your manufacturer if you are unsure which batteries you need – using the wrong batteries can pose a serious safety risk and fire hazard.

Battery Do’s And Don’ts

Storing and charging batteries should be done with care, as you do not want to damage them or damage your device:

  • Do not leave devices or batteries unattended while charging
  • Do not use a charging cable that did not come with your device
  • Do not try to tamper or pierce batteries
  • Do not charge your device on flammable materials
  • Do not carry bare batteries in your pocket and always keep batteries away from metals such as keys or coins
  • Do not use a battery with a damaged outer wrapper
  • Do not use batteries that are not intended for vaping
  • Follow the manufacturer’s storage requirements – most batteries should be stored at temperatures between 4°C and 27°C
  • Always purchase batteries from a reputable manufacturer
  • What Is The Right Battery Size For Your Vape?

    You should always consult the manufacturer guide to see which type of battery your vape requires. Using the wrong batteries can lead to the risk of fire and explosions. Be sure to check that the charger you are using is specific to your device and never use charges intended for use with other devices.

    You should also look for your device’s needs when it comes to battery and coil compatibility. The design and materials of coils differ and provide different current resistance – your battery amp rating should never be lower than your device’s current discharge rate.

    Last Updated: 20th October 2021

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