Everything you need to know about the UK Indoor Smoking Ban

By Samuel Lawrence

No smoking sign

The UK indoor smoking ban was proposed in a government Public Health White Paper in 2004, which outlined how smoking restrictions should be introduced. The proposal was to start with a smoking ban inside certain buildings, before being rolled out to include all enclosed public places and workspaces by 2007.

When was indoor smoking banned in the UK?

Following the introduction of the Health Act of 2006, the indoor smoking ban came into force in England on the 1st July 2007. This act prohibits smoking in most enclosed public spaces.

This includes restaurants, pubs, bars, nightclubs and cinemas as well as workspaces – such as shops and offices – and inside work vehicles.

Indoor smoking bans were enforced in the rest of the United Kingdom prior to England’s ban taking effect: in Scotland on 26th of March 2006, in Wales on 2nd of April 2007 and in Northern Ireland on the 30th April 2007.

Is vaping indoors banned in the UK?

The indoor smoking ban does not apply to vaping. However, many workplaces and public premises have imposed their own restrictions.

Should you work in an open space around other people – or in a workplace in which you have been given permission to vape – you should always be considerate of others around you. You can read more about vaping in the workplace here.

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