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Blog / Time for A Change of Habit?

Time for A Change of Habit?

Technology has changed the way we do everything; daily rituals which were often time-consuming, slow and even awkward are thankfully things of the past.

Once upon a time

… you had to write a letter to communicate with someone. Now, you can email or text or message on social media.

… you had to use an A-Z or a map if abroad. Now, you get from A-B by typing a postcode into your phone or sat nav.

… you had to ask someone out on a date. Now, you can swipe in search of love.

… you had to go into a bank to get money. Now, you can bank online and pay by card or smartphone app when out.

And once upon a time, you had to consume tobacco using a cigarette or lighter

But now, you can use IQOS.

IQOS was designed to be a better alternative to smoking for adult smokers who wouldn’t quit and a comparable ritual. It’s essentially a tobacco heating system with 3 key elements: Holder, Pocket Charger and specially designed HEETS™ tobacco sticks.

Cigarettes burn tobacco but IQOS uses HeatControl™ Technology to heat it instead (in the form of HEETS tobacco sticks) from the inside with a heating blade. This flat ceramic blade maximises the heating surface throughout the HEETS to release all the tobacco flavour with a consistent taste and aroma.

You simply insert a HEETS into the IQOS holder. Turn it on, then draw on the HEETS to experience the real taste of heated tobacco. Each time you use IQOS, the experience lasts up to 6 minutes - the same time it normally takes to smoke a cigarette.

No need for matches or a lighter: keep your IQOS holder recharged in the pocket charger then power up the unit at night just like you would charge your phone.

A change of habit is a change for the better

IQOS is designed to help those who can’t quit smoking to switch to less harmful alternatives. It’s a different way to enjoy tobacco with less harmful chemicals than cigarettes.

Any change of habit or ritual can take getting used to. That’s why we offer the chance to try IQOS out in the convenience of your home for 14 days. It’s free; you only have to pay for your HEETS to get started. After a week, you can decide whether to keep your IQOS or return it. Discover more about the IQOS 14-Day Home Trial.


Got any questions about IQOS 2.4+, IQOS 3 or IQOS 3 MULTI? Phone or get in touch via FacebookTwitter or LiveChat on our IQOS website. If in London, Bristol, Manchester or Cardiff, use our store locator to search for your nearest IQOS shop.

And of course, due to the wonders of modern technology, you can also buy IQOS and arrange your 14-Day Home Trial conveniently online.

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