How to Switch from Smoking Cigarettes to Vaping

By James Powley

The decision to stop smoking isn’t always easy, and in many cases, smokers may make multiple attempts to stop before they’re able to do so. Although stopping smoking is always the best choice, some smokers who are unable to stop may choose to switch to a smoke-free alternative instead. Although it’s not as good as quitting altogether, we’ve put together a guide on how to switch from smoking to vaping, while also covering some of the effects of switching to vaping.

What Happens When you Stop Smoking and Switch to an Alternative

Like any other big lifestyle change, some people will adapt faster to vaping than others. While some people might enjoy vaping from the first puff, it’ll take other people a little longer to adjust. When it comes to the question of how to switch from smoking to vaping, there’s no straight answer – it’ll depend on the person.

Vaping isn’t the same as smoking, and there can be an adjustment period as a smoker transitions to a non-combusted alternative. With so many flavours of e-liquid, different strengths of nicotine, and numerous vapes on the market, it might seem slightly daunting. However, it’s not too tricky to get used to, and if you head to a vape store, there will be staff around to help you out.

One of the things that can happen when switching to vaping comes from the vapour which can a little thicker than smoke of regular cigarettes which could take some getting used to .

It can be tricky to find an alternative to smoking, whether that’s due to the sheer number of options available, or because you’re unsure whether vaping, for example, is safer that cigarettes. While switching to a nicotine-containing vape is one option, other people may decide that nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) is right for them. These are products that help reduce the effects of nicotine withdrawals with the aim of gradually stopping nicotine use entirely. Potential NRT options incude nicotine patches, chewing gums, inhalers and lozenges.

Methods of Switching from Smoking Cigarettes to Vaping

To make the switch a little easier, there are some tips it may be helpful to follow. For example, it’s worth testing out various e-liquids to find one that’s right for you. Many first-time vapers will opt for a tobacco-flavour e-liquid, but there are myriad other flavours out there.

Likewise, it’s best not to go for the first e-cigarette in sight. It’s probably worth investing in a mid-range model, as the cheapest ones may not last as long as the more expensive, better-quality models. There are a number of kits out there, which may be worth looking into to make the switch a little less complicated and daunting.

Gradually phasing out cigarettes is a process that works for many new vapers, replacing them with the e-cigarette one at a time, until eventually each smoke break sees the vape used instead of a cigarette.

What Nicotine Strength is Best when Switching to Vaping?

When you make the move to vaping, it’s important that your e-liquids are the right strength. If the e-liquid you’re using is too weak, your nicotine cravings probably won’t go away, and it can be tempting to reach for a cigarette.

Smokers will range between smoking a few cigarettes each day, to a few packs a day. The more that someone smokes, the more likely they are to use liquids with a higher nicotine concentration. Reducing the nicotine consumption is a good way of going about things when switching to vaping because it allows you to customise how much is being used for a gradual reduction.

It’s difficult to say exactly how many vape ‘hits’ are equivalent to smoking one cigarette, as devices vary – and different cigarettes have different strengths too. However, comparing the nicotine in e-liquid to the nicotine in a cigarette can be a useful guide.

Switching Timeline and Milestones

When switching from smoking to vaping, it’s important to be patient. Smoking isn’t something that’s always easy to stop, and it’s vital to trust the process and stay open-minded, trying new things and seeing what sticks. Even after just 24 hours of not smoking, people might notice that they feel a little different as they get used to the effects of switching from smoking to vaping.

While switching from smoking to vaping isn’t always going to be easy – particularly at first – it’s something that’s likely to bring benefits as time goes on. The effects of switching from smoking to vaping or another alternative are definitely noticeable. While stopping altogether is always the best option, vaping might be something to explore if you don’t want to stop entirely.

Hopefully, this guide has given you a better idea of what switching from smoking to vaping entails, but if you want to know more about the benefits of giving up cigarettes, take a look at our helpful article, right here.

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