At Philip Morris Limited, Pride Matters


IQOS Pride

At Philip Morris Limited (PML), we celebrate diversity and inclusion. Needless to say, we support the LGBT+ community wholeheartedly. Our internal LGBT+ group STRIPES, plays an active role at PML. Since STRIPES was established, it has worked on various initiatives to promote inclusion, raise awareness, and show support for the LGBT+ community within the company.

    Examples of such initiatives include:
  • hosting a charity event on World Aids Day;
  • creating internal communication materials to celebrate LGBT milestones during LGBT history month, and;
  • creating an online platform through which material about the LGBT+ community, diversity, and inclusion can be shared.

We are proud of our efforts in encouraging diversity and inclusion within PML, and want to extend this support to the wider community too. To celebrate this year’s London Pride, all of our official IQOS stores will be transformed from the 2nd to the 15th of July as we bring in colour, balloons, and macaroons.

STRIPES has organised a post-Pride event on Wednesday 11th July, Heat Your Pride, at The Light Lounge, where drinks and canapés will be served. To reserve a space at the event, please click here. Please note that this event is for adult smokers only.

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