Three's Company in Bristol

Our third IQOS store in Bristol is now open on Queen’s Road in Clifton!

News By Sarah Sharkey

Our Smoke Free Mission | IQOS UK

Over a billion people will smoke in 2025 if nothing gets done.

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Lucky 7 and IQOS

Lucky 7 is our favourite number...find out why!

News By Sarah Sharkey

We're Ship-shape and Bristol Fashion

Bristol is one of our favourite cities (and yours too, as it's known to be one of the best places to live in the UK),...

News By Sarah Sharkey

Welcome To Our Flagship IQOS Store: High Street Kensington

It’s a coffee bar, a pet-friendly hangout, a great place to work/relax/read – and it’s our flagship IQOS store....

News By Gavin Balson

Why Inclusion, Diversity and Equality Matter to Us

Equality, diversity and inclusion matters at PMI. We embrace differences in people, ideas and perspectives.

News By Sarah Sharkey

Who Is Behind IQOS?

At PMI we never take shortcuts – except when it comes to expressing our name. PMI is the company responsible for IQOS...

News By Gavin Balson

Our New IQOS YouTube Channel is Now Live!

We are proud to announce that our new IQOS UK YouTube channel is now live!

News By Gavin Balson

IQOS 2018: A Year in Review

Everything you need to know about what changed for IQOS in 2018.

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At Philip Morris Limited, Pride Matters

To celebrate this year’s London Pride, all of our official IQOS stores will be transformed as we bring in colour,...

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