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Blog / Latest Additions to the IQOS Range: IQOS 3 & IQOS 3 Multi

Latest Additions to the IQOS Range: IQOS 3 & IQOS 3 Multi

We are proud to announce the launch of IQOS 3 and IQOS Multi: The fastest and toughest devices to date. IQOS 3 is an evolution of our heated tobacco product. An evolution because with the new IQOS 3 we have improved on the design and functionality of 2.4+. And with IQOS Multi we have created a new version that tackles some of the feedback we have had from our consumers.

Both have been driven by design to create a more discreet, sophisticated and functional product. And both deliver tobacco flavour without the smoke, giving users a more refined taste experience, which is crucial to ensuring they quit cigarettes for good.


IQOS 3’s new design innovation offers a smaller holder and charger, making it easier to carry around with you. We’ve replaced the latch and created a new seamless door mechanism that is even more reliable now.

The smaller, more discreet holder can be more easily placed in the charger, and there’s a reassuring click to ensure users know it’s properly docked. Our simplified user interface offers an easy-to-understand charge status that is visible in broad daylight or a dimly lit room, and it now has a light vibration to discreetly alert people when it’s recharged, without interrupting their conversation.

New IQOS 3

IQOS 3 Multi

We know every user is different. IQOS 3 Multi is the most refined, portable and flexible heated tobacco device that allows consecutive uses. IQOS 3 Multi can be used up to 10 times without recharging, providing more convenience and removing another reason that’s stopping smokers from switching.

New IQOS 3 Multi
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