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Blog / What is Precision Vaping with IQOS MESH?

What is Precision Vaping with IQOS MESH?

IQOS MESH is a next generation vaping device that uses Heating Technology to unlock flavour in a consistent way. It has been designed to prevent overheating or burnt liquid, with contrasting brushed and polished aluminium for an elegant look and feel.

Instead of wick and coil, IQOS MESH utilises a MESH heater, manufactured in Germany, which is in constant contact with the e-liquid, delivering a consistent vape every time. The IQOS MESH smart digital controls detect when the liquid is low, preventing overheating and burnt liquid. MESH is milled from a single block of aluminium for strength and durability in a lightweight device.

IQOS MESH has several key features:

1. Consistent vapour

The Heating Technology in IQOS MESH maintains a consistent temperature, thereby offering taste consistency every time.

2. Quality experience with no dry puffs

IQOS MESH has a digital low liquid detection system that switches the device off when e-liquid levels are low. This helps ensure a high-quality experience with every puff.

3. Battery

One 90-minute charge can last a full day of use based on one capsule per day.
Note: Battery performance may vary over time.

4. Easy to use two-part system

The two-part system comprises of:
  • A hand-held device containing the electronics and digital controls, and
  • A replaceable VEEV cap which contains the mesh heater, an individual mouthpiece, and flavoured liquid.
There are 7 signature flavours to choose from, including tobacco and fruit flavours. Nicotine levels vary as well.

For more information, see our support video on how to get started with IQOS MESH.
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