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Blog / Where Can I Try IQOS Before I Buy?
IQOS 7 Day Home Trial

Where Can I Try IQOS Before I Buy?

Interested in IQOS but want to try it in the comfort of your own home before committing to the device?

The IQOS Try Before You Buy home trial is a 14-day trial that makes it easy for you to experience IQOS, when it’s convenient for you. Select your device, pay £10 to start the trial and we’ll deliver your kit to your door. After two weeks, you can pay for your device or return it at no charge. The choice is entirely yours. You can experience IQOS at home, with personalised support from our experts, making it easier for you to purchase with confidence.

Switching the way you consume tobacco is not easy and that’s why we’ve developed the IQOS Try Before You Buy Home Trial to help you along the way.

Try Before You Buy in Four Simple Steps:

  • Choose your device: Pay £10 as a part payment towards the Kit you'll use during your trial. Choose from our latest model, the IQOS 3 or the classic design and affordability of the IQOS 2.4 Plus.
  • Complimentary delivery: Your package will be dispatched within 1-2 business days by next day delivery. Try the IQOS device in the comfort of your home for two whole weeks.
  • Access guidance when you need it: During your 14 day trial, access virtual coaching, online tutorials and support material. Your personal virtual coach will guide you through the crucial first fourteen days, increasing your chances of converting completely to IQOS.
  • Keep the device or simply return it: Once your fourteen days are up, you can buy the device and keep it, or simply return it using a prepaid return label.

A Trial with a Difference – Useful Advice Tailored to You.

Your personal virtual coach will guide you throughout.

The role of the IQOS personal virtual coach is not to sell you the IQOS device, but to help you switch to an alternate way of using tobacco. This personal coach will guide you for the first fourteen days of your IQOS journey – in our experience this is the most crucial period in determining if you’ll be able to convert fully to IQOS. And about 80% of those who trial IQOS for 14 days end up keeping the device.* Your coach will contact you however you’d like, whether it be by email, phone, SMS, WhatsApp, or video chat, showing you how to use the device, and providing useful tips and tricks to get you started on your IQOS journey.

Why Should You Choose the Try IQOS Before You Buy Home Trial?

  • It’s easy – We provide complimentary delivery of the Kit to your door and returns at no charge.
  • It’s convenient – because you can try IQOS when and where it suits you.
  • It’s tailored – with a personal virtual coach there to guide you plus the option of online tutorials and support material, if you prefer.
  • It’s a 14 day home trial – so you can experience IQOS in the comfort of your own home for two whole weeks.
  • It gives you the confidence to choose – because you can see the device, try the HEETS and ask for advice before you make an informed decision at the end of the trial.

If you have any questions about the Try IQOS Before You Buy Home Trial, please contact our dedicated team via e-mail. Alternatively, you can always visit one of our IQOS stores for face to face support or contact the IQOS Care Team by phone at 0800 432 0000.

*PMI estimates

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