How to Prevent Your IQOS Heating Blade from Breaking


IQOS Heating Blade Broken
Here are some top tips for maintaining your IQOS device, including how prevent damage to your IQOS heating blade.

IQOS is an innovative heated tobacco product consisting of sophisticated electronics. These electronics are responsible for heating the tobacco stick just enough to deliver the true taste of tobacco, without burning it.

The blade located within the holder where the tobacco sticks are inserted is made of gold and platinum, and is covered in a ceramic coating. If IQOS blades are misused there is a chance that they may break.

So how should you prevent the IQOS heating blade from breaking?

  • Make sure to use your IQOS correctly:The tobacco stick needs to be inserted gently with the tobacco side facing downwards. More importantly, the tobacco stick must be inserted prior to pressing the holder button, which you do for two seconds. A clean IQOS blade is an essential part of a pleasurable heated tobacco experience. If the tobacco stick is inserted after the holder button is pressed, the IQOS heating blade may break.
  • Make sure to clean your device and IQOS heating blade correctly:Prior to cleaning your device, you need to make sure that the holder has cooled down. It is important to use the IQOS cleaning kit rather than using other materials, as this may damage the device and break the IQOS heating blade. After your IQOS holder has cooled down, put the cleaner in and rotate carefully to clean. As a final step, use a IQOS cleaning stick and gently clean around the heating blade.

If your device’s IQOS heating blade is broken, please contact the IQOS UK Customer Support team on 0800 432 0000 or reach the team via e-mail for IQOS blade replacement options. Alternatively, you can always visit one of our IQOS stores for face to face support.

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