IQOS Canary Wharf is now open. With plenty to sing about.

By Celia Spegel

Canary Wharf is now best known as London’s financial hub with glittering skyscrapers. But during the British Empire, its Thameside docks saw many exotic goods imported in from afar, such as spices, rum, coffee – and, you’ve guessed it, tobacco.

So how fitting that our sixth IQOS London store – IQOS Canary Wharf – is now open here in Jubilee Place, one of five malls at Canary Wharf offering its own exotic treasures from high-end brands to household names alongside a buzzing array of bars and restaurants. It’s ideal for city workers and shoppers wanting all the convenience of an easy-to-reach shopping centre with everything under one roof.

And speaking of convenience, here’s what you‘ll find at our shiny new Canary Wharf IQOS store

Call in for an IQOS deep clean

One aspect we really take pride in is our customer care. If you think it’s time for a thorough clean of your IQOS heat not burn device, just call in – no need to make an appointment. The reason for having this occasional deep clean is to keep the state-of-the-art heating blade inside your IQOS in excellent condition for the best possible flavour experience. 

We always recommend that you carefully clean the blade yourself after finishing a pack of HEETS so, if you’ve run out of cleaning sticks, do ask for a pack of complimentary IQOS cleaning sticks at the time.

Stop by for a coffee

All that shopping in Canary Wharf can make for thirsty work. Call in to see us and the coffee is on us! Feel free to browse our IQOS accessories while enjoying your espresso or take the opportunity to ask any questions about switching from smoking cigarettes to using IQOS heated tobacco.

Experiencing a problem with your IQOS?

Don’t worry – if your device stops working within its warranty, we'll send you a new one, free of charge. And even if you accidentally damage your IQOS, we’ll replace it.

Flying out on business?

Do you seem to spend half your week in and out of London City airport on business trips abroad? You’ll be glad to know that we offer international assistance with a dedicated helpline for advice and support.

Need some advice?

Wondering how to remove the HEETS from your IQOS device? Curious to know the difference between vaping vs IQOS? The highly trained experts at our Canary Wharf IQOS shop are on hand to answer all your questions.

Try IQOS for 14 days

Provided you’re over 18 and a smoker, you can try IQOS at home with a 14 Day Trial.

Want to know more about IQOS or ask about the IQOS 14 Day Trial? Please get in touch by phone or else via Facebook, Twitter or LiveChat on our IQOS website. Or call in to our new IQOS Canary Wharf Store; we look forward to seeing you!

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