IQOS Accessories - Which One Suits You?

By Gavin Balson

IQOS Accessories
Practical or stylish, functional or colourful, IQOS accessories matter almost as much as an IQOS heat not burn device itself. But, of course, the type of accessory you need for your IQOS 3, IQOS Multi or IQOS 2.4 Plus may depend on the type of person you are.

Which of these might be you?!

If You’re Of A Careful Disposition, You’ll Like - Cases and Protection

You’re the sort who leaves nothing to chance when it comes to protecting the items you value most. No doubt you have a case to keep your laptop or mobile safe and secure, so already know the importance of lightweight and practical solutions.

For a simple solution, opt for an IQOS 3 Multi Silicone Sleeve or our durable IQOS 3 Duo Folio. But for a truly upmarket look, browse our wide range of elegant genuine Italian leather sleeves and pouches for your IQOS device (some are also designed to keep it and your HEETS together in one place).

If You Keep Everything Spick and Span, You’ll Like - Clean and Care

You don’t have to be a neat freak but you do know that the more you look after your things, the longer they’ll last.

By keeping your IQOS clean, you can keep enjoying the best possible flavour experience with the taste of real tobacco. (Discover why this matters so much by checking out our blog, "You should clean your IQOS because") The best way to do so is through regular use of our IQOS Cleaning Tool after every pack of HEETS.

IQOS Cleaning Sticks are specially designed to clean the very delicate heating blade and keep the inside of the cap like new. Replacement packs are widely available.

If You Hate Clutter You’ll Like - Trays and Disposal

Do you like to keep things organised and in their right place, and never let mess pile up?

As the heated tobacco in HEETS doesn’t burn, there’s no ash to worry about but you already know there’s no excuse for leaving finished HEETS lying around or discarded on the ground. Our coolly designed IQOS Ceramic Tray is the perfect at home accessory. Its metallic and ceramic elements blend in perfectly with your IQOS colour scheme.

And if you’re out and about, there’s no need to search high and low for a bin: just pop your used tobacco sticks in the IQOS Clip-on Tray. For the car, our IQOS Car Tray easily fits in the cup holder - just flip the closed cap and drop in each used HEETS.

If You’re Always On The Go, You’ll Like - Power and Cables

Do you feel frustrated or even panicked when your phone is down to a nightmarishly low percentage? Never suffer from low-battery anxiety again with your IQOS.

Keep a spare IQOS USB Cable and IQOS Power Adaptor at work and home (and don’t forget a cable and IQOS Car Charger for the car). Own an IQOS 3? The IQOS Charging Dock lets you dock your device and use your IQOS Holder while you wait.

If You’re Keen To Co-ordinate Your Look, You’ll Like - Coloured Caps

Do you like to accessorise to maximise? Are you always aware of what shade or hue is on trend for the season?

Complement your wardrobe or match your mood with our wide range of easy-on, easy-off IQOS Coloured Caps. Mix and mash up colours too: there are so many different combos to play with so be bold and creative – and be you!

If You Spend A Lot Of Time In The Car, You’ll Like - Car Kits

Do you drive to work? Or just seem to spend a lot of time on the road?

Our Complete Car Sets are available for all IQOS models. Clip the Car Mount onto the car vent to keep your device and holder handy while the Car Charger means your device is always charged and at the ready. Any used tobacco sticks can be disposed of into the IQOS Car Tray placed in your cup holder. You can also buy each of these accessories separately.

Wondering Where To Buy The IQOS Accessory That Suits You Best?

Need to ‘search for an IQOS shop near me’? Use our easy store locator to find your nearest stockist or IQOS London store.

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