How Long Does a Vape Battery Last?

By Eina Panayotova

Running out of charge while you’re out and about is a bit of an occupational hazard for anyone who uses e-cigarettes. If you’re at home or work and can keep it charged, it’s not a problem, but if you’re out somewhere – particularly if you haven’t got a portable charger with you – you might find your battery getting low every now and then.

Something a lot of people want to know is how long their vape batteries should last, as it makes it a lot easier to plan your day. Are vape batteries rechargeable? And how long does a vape battery last? To find out the answers and learn more about battery life and how your vape battery can run out of charge, just keep reading our guide to understanding vape batteries.

How to Get the Most from Your Vape Batteries

The main thing to do when trying to make your vape batteries last longer is simply to look after them. Don’t let them get completely out of charge – instead you should charge the battery when it’s below 50%. When it is fully charged, make sure that you unplug them for safety reasons.

It might sound self-explanatory, but it also helps to turn off your device when you’re not using it. Meanwhile, you should ensure that you store the device at the correct temperature as well.

Why Can a Vape Battery Run Out of Charge Quickly?

Are vape batteries rechargeable? In a word, yes, the majority of vape batteries are rechargeable, but it’s best to make the battery last as long as possible between charges. If you don’t look after your vape battery, you increase the risk of it running out of charge relatively quickly. Overcharging can be a significant contributing factor – we’ve all left a device to charge and forgotten all about it, but if you do this on a regular basis, it’ll decrease your battery capacity. If you’re wondering how long to charge a vape battery for, it’s best to err on the side of caution and unplug it before it’s left at full capacity for too long.

Likewise, over-charging is just as prevalent an issue. You should charge your battery before it’s been used up completely – if it drops below 50%, and you’re at home or somewhere else you can charge it, you should probably do so. Again, battery capacity does decrease over time, and this is particularly true for lithium-ion batteries.

Storing your battery somewhere with extreme temperatures can also cause it to lose capacity and will sometimes damage it permanently. Keep the battery in a dry, indoor area that isn’t too hot or cold (not in direct sunlight).

What Exactly is Vape Battery Life and What Effects it?

Vape battery life can have two different meanings. When somebody uses the term, they might be thinking about how long it takes a battery to go from full charge to run out. Alternatively, they may be talking about how long a battery will last them overall until it needs replacing. Here, we’re looking at the former, as it’s key to understanding vape batteries.

The lifespan of a battery can depend on various different factors, from the type of battery to the battery’s size, the settings you use, and, of course, how often you use the device. Batteries from reputable, high-quality brands are likely to last longer, as will more powerful batteries. So, how long does it take to charge a vape battery? That depends on the type and size of battery too, as larger batteries will take longer to fully charge.

Take a 900mAh battery, for example. It’ll last for around 800 puffs which averages out at around 8 to 10 hours before it would need recharging. A less powerful battery, like an 650mAh battery, could last you around half the number of puffs while a larger battery could potentially last you over half a day, depending on how often you use it. You can find all the information on your battery type on the box of your vape.

Hopefully, you’ve now got a slightly more in-depth understanding of vape batteries, but what about IQOS battery life? Check out our guide to extending your IQOS battery life right here .

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