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Blog / Heat-Not-Burn Technology Explained
heat not burn technology

Heat-Not-Burn Technology Explained

Despite the surge in vaping across the UK, not every adult smoker has been fully satisfied by the experience. Many are looking for new alternatives like heat-not-burn tobacco. But what is heated tobacco, and how does the experience of using it differ from using regular cigarettes? Let us explain everything you need to know.

Heat-not-burn products use innovative technology to heat tobacco, rather than burning it. How do they work? While most cigarettes reach temperatures of 850°C, heated tobacco works by only heating the tobacco up to 350°C, which stops the tobacco from burning. When the specially designed tobacco sticks are heated up, they release a flavourful vapour containing nicotine that gives you an authentic tobacco experience - but with no smoke and no ash.

4 major advantages of heat not burn products like IQOS:

  1. 95% reduction in harmful chemicals: IQOS reduces the levels of harmful chemicals in the IQOS vapour, on average by more than 95% compared to cigarette smoke.
  2. No smoke: IQOS doesn’t produce smoke, only a vapour, which dissipates much more quickly than the smoke released by a cigarette.
  3. No ash: IQOS doesn’t produce ash, because the tobacco doesn’t burn.
  4. Less smell: IQOS doesn’t produce such a strong smell as smoking, so users and those nearby don’t have to worry about the lingering smell of tobacco on their hair, hands, clothes and furniture. So your friends, family and pets will be pleased too!
If you’d like to read more about heat not burn technology, including IQOS, visit our information page or
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