What Holiday Destinations are Banning Smoking?

By Eina Panayotova

Around the world, there are various restrictions against smoking in public places being enforced, from here in the UK to some of our most-loved holiday destinations. While countries like the UK have had restrictions in place for a long time, more countries have followed the UK’s example. Spain was the most popular holiday destination for UK tourists as recently as 2019.[1] In 2020, the region of Galicia essentially banned smoking in public.[2] Smoking is also restricted in indoor public places and has been since 2011 across the rest of Spain.[3]

Historically, Ireland became the first country to ban smoking in all indoor workplaces back in 2004.[4] In the years since, numerous countries have followed Ireland’s lead, with various regulations, including indoor smoking bans implemented around the world.

When was smoking banned on planes, and when did the indoor smoking ban come in? Get answers to these questions and more with our handy guide.

What Is The Indoor Smoking Ban In The UK And How Does It Compare With Holiday Destinations?

The indoor smoking ban in the UK was introduced back in 2007[5], three years after Ireland’s, banning smoking in enclosed public places like pubs, restaurants and workplaces.

Smoking is also banned in indoor public places in France.[6] Not only that but smoking is banned in some outdoor spaces too, for example in 2019 Paris banned smoking in 52 outdoor parks and gardens.[7] Other countries which have banned smoking in indoor public places include Australia, some areas in the US, Canada and the Netherlands, all popular destinations for British travellers.[8][9][10][11]

Smoking Regulations in Different Holiday Destinations

When was smoking banned on planes? American Airlines started to ban in-flight smoking back in the 1980s, and then others did the same. Since 2000, smoking on planes hasn’t been allowed.

What about once you’re off the plane and enjoying your break? More countries are introducing environment-specific smoke-free policies, including Australia, Canada, Norway and Ireland:

Australia: In Australia, smoking in enclosed public spaces is not permitted – while bans can differ slightly from state to state, by law, it’s not allowed in indoor public places.

Canada: Throughout Canada, smoking in indoor public spaces is not permitted. However, there are different regulations determining whether people can smoke in other environments which can be set at a province level, so it’s important to double-check the regulations if you’re heading off to Canada.

Norway: Smoking has long been restricted in Norway, with restrictions for workplaces coming in as early as 1988.[12] Since 2004, smoking has been banned in indoor public areas, as well as other outside areas close to an enclosed space.

Ireland: As we explained above, Ireland led the way in smoking legislation, banning smoking in workplaces in 2004, this included both restaurants and bars.

There are some countries that have banned smoking in public entirely. Costa Rica has banned smoking in all enclosed public areas, including car parks, and in outdoor areas like university campuses, stadiums and parks.[13] Furthermore, Moldova has banned smoking in indoor public places, playgrounds, parks, stadiums, and public squares.[14]

Of course, there are alternatives to smoking cigarettes if you are going to one of the countries that ban smoking or have particularly stringent laws. Instead, both vaping and heated tobacco products are potential options. However, it’s worth checking out the local laws to see what’s allowed – while vaping is generally permitted across Europe, numerous countries around the world, including Mexico, Egypt, Thailand and Turkey have banned it.

Remember, laws can change, and this article is purely a guide. Before you travel, you should seek out the rules of your destination to ensure that you know exactly what’s allowed.


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What Holiday Destinations are Banning Smoking? | IQOS UK

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