Can I Vape in Sporting Stadiums?

By Eina Panayotova

From pubs and parks to public transport, remembering the rules of vaping in public can be difficult, as different places have different rules. Then, there’s sporting events. Whether you’re going to see the Six Nations, your favourite football team, or simply heading down to a local club, it’s good to know what you’re allowed to do – and where. The rules around smoking can be strict, but they tend to be the same pretty much everywhere, particularly since the indoor smoking ban in public places came into effect [1]. By comparison, it can be hard to know what the rules are around vaping.

Remember to double-check the rules of the stadium you’re going to before heading off to a match. They might have changed or differ from nearby grounds, and it’s better to be safe than sorry! For an overview of whether you can vape while you’re watching sport, read on.

Can I Vape In a Football Stadium?

Although there’s no public smoking ban that covers vaping, it’s not allowed in Premier League stadiums [2] . Smokers and vapers can’t even leave the stadium to have a cigarette or use their device and then re-enter.

Many big teams, including Manchester United and Manchester City, will eject you from their stadiums if you’re caught vaping. Everton’s Goodison Park could go further and take away your season ticket.

Going a little further down the football pyramid, however, rules might be a little more lenient. If you’re going to watch your local team play on a Saturday afternoon, you might be allowed to use your vape. However, it’s best to check with the area or stadium beforehand so that you don’t inadvertently fall foul of their restrictions.

Can I Vape in a Cricket Ground?

We’ll start with The Oval. At this iconic ground, both smoking and vaping are only allowed within uncovered concourses and forecourt areas and the car parks[3].

As for Lord’s – also known as the Home of Cricket – the use of electronic cigarettes is not allowed in stands and enclosures. There are designated areas where smoking is permitted and would welcome those who vape too [4].

Can I Vape in a Rugby Stadium?

Twickenham describes itself as a “completely non-smoking” stadium, so you won’t be able to smoke or vape in the famous rugby union stadium. Back in 2005, smoking in all seated areas – including the royal box – was banned [5].

The Principality Stadium [6] in Cardiff – which hosts football matches, rugby union matches, and other events – is another “completely non-smoking” stadium, with smoking not allowed anywhere in the stadium.

Likewise, smoking was banned by the Scottish Rugby Union in the seating areas of Murrayfield back in 2004 [7].

Smoking In Sporting Venues

For some time now, smoking has been banned in football stadiums. In the mid-2000s, a range of top teams began banning smoking in their stadiums.

As we can see from the Premier League-wide ban, smoking and the use of vapes and e-cigarettes are usually limited. Broadly speaking, this seems to be the case throughout top-level sport. Again, it’s always worth checking the specific guidelines before you go.

Hopefully, you should have a better idea about what is permitted in sporting stadiums, but what about the UK indoor smoking ban and everything that entails?

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