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Blog / Say Goodbye to Bulky Devices

Say Goodbye to Bulky Devices

Do you envy those people who go to work hands free while your brick of a laptop bears down on your shoulders?

Or do you wish you had a kindle instead of ‘War and Peace’ in hardback?

Or regret having to lug around all that camera equipment on holiday?

Size matters. But, no doubt, you already know that if using e-cigarettes or vaping? The trouble with vapes is that they can be sooooo clunky to carry around.

So why carry around bulky technology when you don’t have to? Say goodbye to bulky devices and hello instead to the small, the compact and the portable – IQOS 3 and IQOS 3 MULTI.

Small is beautiful

With its ergonomically shaped edges and slick finish, IQOS 3 is the latest evolution of our heated tobacco product. If you thought the design and functionality of IQOS 2.4+ looked pretty cool, wait till you check out IQOS 3.

Now you see it, now you don’t

IQOS 3 is our smallest holder ever. Our newly designed pocket charger fits perfectly in your hand - and easily into your pocket or bag.

Now you hear it, now you don’t

You’ll always know when you’ve docked your IQOS 3 properly to charge up as there’s a reassuring click. And you can check how the battery power is doing at any time, as the charge status shows up even in a dimly lit room or in daylight.

When the time comes to recharge your IQOS, a whisper of a vibration will let you know it’s ready.

In fine form

IQOS 3 the smallest holder we've ever designed – but we certainly haven’t trimmed back on quality because this is engineered to last. What’s more, we’ve replaced the latch and the door mechanism so that it’s seamless and even more reliable. 

And who’d have thought something so small could be so robust and shock-resistant? Our new ProtectPlus™ System uses strong materials and a fortified design to keep your heated tobacco system ship shape. Use it time after time after time.

No need to get caught short

There’s no compromise on battery life either. The newly designed IQOS 3 also features longer battery lifespan with enough charge for 20 single tobacco stick uses. 

Going skiing? Off to the Maldives? Whatever the weather, IQOS 3 maintains its performance.

Pocket-sized perfect: IQOS 3 MULTI

Looking for an even more portable, refined and flexible option? Well, we asked customers what we could do to make our IQOS devices even better and – ta dah –the result is IQOS 3 MULTI.

This version is not only pocket-sized but also designed as a compact all-in-one. It’s ideal for taking on holiday, or if you’d rather leave your IQOS 3 at home and take an IQOS 3 MULTI when out and about.

It may be the smallest of our heat not burn devices, but IQOS 3 MULTI is still engineered to perform. When fully charged, you can use it up to ten times consecutively. How convenient is that? Simply charge it up again by plugging it into your IQOS docking station or car charger.

Little by little

Of course, size isn’t the only difference between IQOS vs vape. Both IQOS 3 and IQOS 3 MULTI are designed not only to be compact but also to deliver tobacco flavour without the smoke, and help cigarette smokers eventually quit for good.

Keep life simple

Wondering where to buy IQOS in the UK? Our store finder makes it very easy to find your nearest IQOS shop or to buy online (don’t forget to look at our stylish IQOS accessories).

And if you’ve any questions, our friendly lot at IQOS customer service are really big on advice and help.

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