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Some Things In Life Are Free

Did you know that not everything from IQOS has to be paid for?!

Sounds too good to be true? Need convincing? Here are 9 points about what we offer that are completely free, gratis, complimentary and on the house.

1. Free In-Store IQOS Demonstrations

Thinking you might like to stop smoking cigarettes? Wondering what’s the difference between IQOS heated tobacco and vaping? Our Store Experts will happily take you through a demo.

You’ll have the opportunity to try out any IQOS device (IQOS 2.4 Plus, IQOS 3, IQOS MULTI) Take all the time you need and ask any questions you have – just feel free.

2. Free Advice From IQOS Coaches

We know how some adult cigarette smokers find switching to IQOS a challenge, so we offer a complimentary IQOS Coach programme. Your personal IQOS Expert can help you on the journey and answer questions by phone, email, instant messaging or video call ― whichever you prefer.

Their role isn’t to sell you the IQOS device, but to help you switch to an alternative way of using tobacco and provide support to quit smoking cigarettes. They can help you decide which type of HEETS tobacco sticks you prefer, and explain how to clean your device and charge it properly. You can also call in to any of our IQOS stores for the help and support you need – it’s all free.

3. Free Co-Working Space In London

IQOS High Street Kensington is our flagship store that’s much more than a store. There’s an airy and spacious lounge area and work space with Wi-Fi – which is free. Hold a meeting at one of our high tables, or catch up on emails while relaxing in one of our comfy chairs. Take a look at just how amazing this Kensington space really is.

Heated Tobacco Device

4. Free Coffee in High Steet Kensington

Strictly speaking, we could have included this with the point above … but free coffee is just too good an offer not to be featured alone!

Our espresso bar offers a wide range of flavours, so sit back and relax with one of the books in the lounge (yours to lap up for free). We’re dog-friendly too and provide a dedicated water bowl (theirs to lap up for free).

5. Free IQOS Cleaning Services

We strongly recommend a thorough IQOS cleaning after every use. That’s because even though the tobacco in HEETS doesn’t burn, the heat releases particles of tobacco and nicotine and dirt accumulate.

But we know how some habits, like flossing, are hard to get into. So any time you’re passing an IQOS shop in London, just call in for a tip top clean by our Store Experts. If you’re not sure how to clean your IQOS thoroughly or use the IQOS cleaning tool, just ask and they’ll show you step by step – for free.

6. Free IQOS Cleaning Sticks

Every IQOS cleaning kit includes IQOS cleaning sticks which are hugely important for getting rid of all the residue around the heating blade. It’s delicate and could be easily damaged unless cleaned carefully and completely.

Running low? If passing an IQOS store, drop in and pick some up because, as you’ve guessed, they’re completely free!

7. Free 12-Month Warranty

Register your IQOS device on our IQOS website and you’re automatically covered by our free IQOS Warranty for 12 months. So there’s no need to stuff your receipt somewhere then forget where it is because registering your IQOS to your online account is total proof of ownership.

8. Free International Warranty

Our free 12-month warranty even covers your IQOS device when on holiday or visiting one of the 39 countries* included in our International Assistance Program. If you need help or support, call us 24-hours a day on our international helpline at 00800 2559 2559. It’s toll free, of course.

9. Free 14 Day Home Trial

Would you like to experience IQOS in the comfort of your own home for two whole weeks – without any obligation to buy? Choose the IQOS device you’d like to try out for free. You just need to pay £10 for four packs of HEETS to use. We’ll then deliver your kit to your door – for free.

You can access online tutorials and support material during the trial period. You’ll also have a personal virtual coach to guide you every step of the way in converting from smoking cigarettes. And if you decide IQOS is not for you, then return it – absolutely for free.

Finally, are you wondering ‘Where can I find an IQOS store near me?’ Either go online or use our quick and handy online IQOS shop finder and HEETS store locator. (It goes without saying, this facility is free too!)

*Armenia, Bulgaria, Canada, Colombia, Croatia, Curacao, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Netherlands, New Zealand, Palestine, Poland, Portugal, Reunion, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Turkish Cyprus, Ukraine, United Kingdom.

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