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Latest Additions to the IQOS Range: IQOS 3 & IQOS 3 Multi

We are proud to announce the launch of IQOS 3 and IQOS Multi: The fastest and toughest devices to date.

IQOS 3 & IQOS 3 Multi – How Do We Use Them?

IQOS 3 is the fastest charging and toughest device to date. With IQOS 3 Multi you can enjoy uninterrupted tobacco...

What is Heated Tobacco?

A helpful guide on heated tobacco with answers to common questions. Understand what heat-not-burn is and how IQOS...

Developed for Smokers, IQOS is an Intuitive Alternative to Smoking

Let’s look in more detail at the device, a winner of the 2017 Good Design Award.

How do you use IQOS MESH?

From charging and vaping to switching between flavour caps, IQOS MESH is simple to use. Read our guide on getting to...

Heated Tobacco vs E-Cigarette: Which is Right for You?

Explore the differences between IQOS heated tobacco and IQOS MESH vaping to discover what's right for you with our...

What are VEEV capsules?

VEEV capsules are an integral part of the revolutionary IQOS MESH system. Read our guide to find the perfect flavour...

Travelling Abroad with IQOS

Read our tips for travelling abroad with IQOS. Learn how to keep your device protected and find out how to contact us...

What is precision vaping with IQOS MESH?

Discover the next generation vaping device that uses Heating Technology to deliver a unique vaping experience.

At Philip Morris Limited, Pride Matters

To celebrate this year’s London Pride, all of our official IQOS stores will be transformed as we bring in colour,...

15 Best IQOS Friendly Locations in London

Where can you use IQOS? Aside from official IQOS stores, use IQOS heated tobacco in some of London's finest bars,...

IQOS Lounge: The First IQOS Co-Working Space in the UK

Now open, providing a shared space where IQOS users can work and enjoy complimentary coffee and Wi-Fi in an...

Red, Orange or Green: What Do the Lights Mean on Your IQOS?

A quick and comprehensive guide to what each LED light indicates on your IQOS Holder and IQOS Pocket Charger.

IQOS vs. Cigarettes: What’s the Difference?

The main difference between IQOS and cigarettes is burning. Heated tobacco controls the temperature to make sure the...

Heat-Not-Burn Technology Explained

What is heated tobacco, and how does the experience of using it differ from using regular cigarettes?

A Beginner’s Guide: How to Use IQOS

Here’s our helpful guide on how to use IQOS, so you can get the most out of your experience as a new user.

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