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IQOS Price Guide

Many smokers looking for better alternatives to smoking wonder, how much does IQOS cost? The IQOS 3 DUO price, IQOS...

HEETS Prices

People who are just discovering heated tobacco often wonder how IQOS HEETS prices compare to cigarette prices.

What is Heated Tobacco?

A helpful guide on heated tobacco with answers to common questions. Understand what heat-not-burn is and how IQOS...

What is DTL Vaping?

DTL means “direct-to-lung” and MTL means “mouth-to-lung”. Read on to find out about the difference between MTL and...

Why do Vapes Crackle?

Vape crackling and popping sounds can be worrying for users, but it isn’t always a sign for concern. Read more to...

Vape Wattage Calculation

Vape wattage calculators and vape wattage charts can be used to show the best wattage for vaping. Read on to find how...

Everything you need to know about e-liquid nicotine strengths

E-liquid strengths can vary for many reasons. Read on to learn more about vape liquid strengths.

What Are E-Cigarettes?

Compared to cigarettes, e-cigarettes are a relatively new product. Find out what are e-cigarettes and what is in them...

US FDA decisions: a new milestone for IQOS

In July 2020, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), authorized IQOS and three HeatSticks variants, to be...

What are the alternatives to smoking?

For smokers who can’t quit or choose not to, there are various alternatives to smoking available which are a much...

Is Vaping Classed as Smoking?

People who are considering switching from smoking cigarettes to better alternatives often wonder, is vaping quitting...

Vape Temperature Explained

Vaping temperature is one of many aspects of vaping that can be adjusted by the user to change the thickness, flavour...

We're open for business, but not quite as usual

We know it's been tough these past weeks, but with things slowly returning to normal, we're delighted to be able to...

Two New Menthol HEETS Selections Available

IQOS has introduced two new menthol HEETS variants. The heated tobacco alternative to menthol cigarettes is now...

IQOS Featured in T3's ‘Best Vape 2020’ Round Up

We are delighted that IQOS 3 DUO and IQOS 3 MULTI have been included in T3’s round up of “Best Vape 2020: vape pens...

Heatsticks? The word you’re searching for is HEETS!

If you’re looking to find out more about heat sticks – tobacco sticks which are heated instead of burned – you’ve...

Can you vape in public places?

While there are strict laws restricting where conventional cigarettes can be smoked, can you use heated tobacco and...

Can you vape on trains and buses?

There was once a time when smoking cigarettes was allowed on trains and buses. Read our guide to heated tobacco and...

Vaping in the Workplace

For newcomers to e-cigarettes, there is some uncertainty about where vaping is or isn’t allowed. Read our guide on...

Can you vape in pubs?

Can you vape in pubs?

Vaping & E-Cig Laws in the UK

Vaping & E-Cig Laws in the UK

Vapes on a plane – Guide to taking ecigs through airports & on planes

Guide to taking ecigs through airports & on planes

Heat-Not-Burn Technology Explained

What is heat-not-burn technology, and how does the experience of using it differ from using regular cigarettes?

Share the love this Christmas

The holiday season is just around the corner. If your loved ones and friends are adult smokers, you may want to...

Winter Events at IQOS Canary Wharf

This festive season IQOS Canary Wharf is rolling out a series of events.

Brilliant to be in Broadmead, Bristol

Our fourth store in Bristol is now open in Broadmead.

IQOS Canary Wharf is now open. With plenty to sing about.

The sixth IQOS London Store is now open: IQOS Canary Wharf Store.

Charge once. Use twice. New IQOS 3 DUO has arrived.

We're always looking for ways to make our IQOS technology smarter.

Time for A Change of Habit?

Technology has changed the way we do everything, even consuming tobacco.

Lighting a Cigarette versus Using IQOS

What's the difference between lighting a cigarette and using IQOS?

The Burning Issue

Take a look at the science behind IQOS heated tobacco technology.

Crystal Clear

Is IQOS less harmful than cigarettes?

What does IQOS have in common with Cardiff (apart from a new store here)?

We're delighted to open our first store in Wales - in The Hayes, Cardiff.

Three's Company in Bristol

Our third IQOS store in Bristol is now open on Queen’s Road in Clifton!

We Are on a Mission...

Over a billion people will smoke in 2025 if nothing gets done.

Lucky 7 and IQOS

Lucky 7 is our favourite number...find out why!

A Quick Guide on How Tos

If there’s anything to do with IQOS heat not burn products that you’re unsure about, this ‘How To’ guide should put a...

We're Ship-shape and Bristol Fashion

Bristol is one of our favourite cities (and yours too, as it's known to be one of the best places to live in the UK),...

What Is Harm Reduction?

Harm reduction is the application of additional measures to reduce the risk of harm of an inherently dangerous activity.

Vaping Hotspots Across The UK

Research reveals a more than thirty fold increase in the number of vape shops in the UK over the last five years.

Say Goodbye to Bulky Devices

Why carry around bulky technology when you don’t have to? Say goodbye to bulky devices and hello instead to the...

We Love Manchester Because...

May has seen the opening of not one but two IQOS UK pop ups in Manchester!

Could IQOS Remove the Smell of Burnt Tobacco from Your Life?

If you smoke cigarettes, you know how unpleasant that stale smoke smell can be. But did you know that the reason for...

HEETS Vs. VEEV - What's The Difference?

You may already be familiar with vaping and e-cigarettes, but not so certain about the differences between these and...

Welcome To Our Flagship IQOS Store: High Street Kensington

It’s a coffee bar, a pet-friendly hangout, a great place to work/relax/read – and it’s our flagship IQOS store....

IQOS Accessories - Which One Suits You?

IQOS Accessories - Which One Suits You?

You should clean your IQOS because…

It’s a no-brainer: Things in life need cleaning because the longer you let dirt build up, the harder it is to get rid...

Mythbusting: Is There Plastic in HEETS Filters?

There’s a very simple answer to this question, which is a big, bold NO! Let’s explain why by addressing some commonly...

Why Inclusion, Diversity and Equality Matter to Us

Equality, diversity and inclusion matters at PMI. We embrace differences in people, ideas and perspectives.

Who Is Behind IQOS?

At PMI we never take shortcuts – except when it comes to expressing our name. PMI is the company responsible for IQOS...

Buying IQOS: Online or In-Store?

There are several ways to buy IQOS. Visit the IQOS Online Shop or find your nearest IQOS Store.

What’s the Difference Between IQOS and IQOS MESH?

There’s so many great reasons to welcome April: Warmer weather, lighter evenings, Easter eggs and VApril!

Where Can I Try IQOS Before I Buy?

Interested in IQOS but want to try it in the comfort of your own home before committing to the device?

Why Upgrade to IQOS 3 or IQOS Multi?

What comes to mind when you hear the word upgrade? Experience an improved design and innovation with IQOS 3 and IQOS...

Our New IQOS YouTube Channel is Now Live!

We are proud to announce that our new IQOS UK YouTube channel is now live!

Six Key Differences Between Burning Tobacco and Heating Tobacco

IQOS heats tobacco just enough to release a flavourful nicotine-containing tobacco vapour but without burning the...

Red or White: What Do the Lights Mean on Your IQOS?

New to IQOS but struggling to get to grips with the different LED lights? Read on for a comprehensive guide to what...

IQOS Registration for New Users – Join the IQOS Community!

Registering with IQOS is easy! Here's everything that you need to know for our convenient IQOS online registration...

How to Prevent Your IQOS Heating Blade from Breaking

Here are some top tips for maintaining your IQOS device, including how prevent damage to your IQOS heating blade.

IQOS 2018: A Year in Review

Everything you need to know about what changed for IQOS in 2018.

Latest Additions to the IQOS Range: IQOS 3 & IQOS 3 Multi

We are proud to announce the launch of IQOS 3 and IQOS Multi: The fastest and toughest devices to date.

IQOS 3 & IQOS 3 Multi – How Do We Use Them?

IQOS 3 is the fastest charging and toughest device to date. With IQOS 3 Multi you can enjoy uninterrupted tobacco...

Developed for Smokers, IQOS is an Intuitive Alternative to Smoking

Let’s look in more detail at the device, a winner of the 2017 Good Design Award.

How Do You Use IQOS MESH?

From charging and vaping to switching between flavour caps, IQOS MESH is simple to use. Read our guide on getting to...

Heated Tobacco vs Vaping: Which is Right for You?

Explore the differences between IQOS heated tobacco and IQOS MESH vaping to discover what's right for you with our...

What are VEEV capsules?

VEEV capsules are an integral part of the revolutionary IQOS MESH system. Read our guide to find the perfect flavour...

What is Precision Vaping with IQOS MESH?

Discover the next generation vaping device that uses Heating Technology to deliver a unique vaping experience.

At Philip Morris Limited, Pride Matters

To celebrate this year’s London Pride, all of our official IQOS stores will be transformed as we bring in colour,...

15 Best IQOS Friendly Locations in London

Where can you use IQOS? Aside from official IQOS stores, use IQOS heated tobacco in some of London's finest bars,...

IQOS Lounge: The First IQOS Co-Working Space in the UK

Now open, providing a shared space where IQOS users can work and enjoy complimentary coffee and Wi-Fi in an...

IQOS vs. Cigarettes: What’s the Difference?

The main difference between IQOS and cigarettes is burning. Heated tobacco controls the temperature to make sure the...

The IQOS Manual: How to Use IQOS

Here’s our helpful guide on how to use IQOS, so you can get the most out of your experience as a new user.

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